An experienced web developer, print designer and IT professional with both technical and visual skills. To discuss your project, email


My tool of choice for website development. Customised WordPress websites - putting the power back in your hands! Easily create and maintain content yourself.


Whether it be a small or large shop, selling virtual or physical goods. Complicated shipping options, coupon codes and product variations can all be handled with ease.


Compressing videos to make them super quick and lightweight. Cutting, editing and splicing existing videos. Perfect for integration directly into your website.


Sorting out existing websites, or adding features and extra functionality to plugins. Assessing and streamlining code. Integrating new code into your website.


Adding functionality and feature-rich enhancements to give that extra sparkle - the wow factor! Sprinkling a bit of jQuery onto a website can make all the difference.


Layout and design including initial ideas, mockups and wireframes. Or working with an existing design. Sympathetic to existing branding. All websites are mobile responsive.


Cleaning up your hacked website. Every website runs the risk of being compromised at some point, but often it can be relatively simple to fix. Most importantly, don't panic!


Domain and web hosting, server hardening, DNS, firewalls. Migration of websites and domains. Email redirections and issues. Backup strategies.


Print-ready artwork for banners, annual reports, conference brochures, flyers, business cards and any other printed material. Including ideas, mockups and variations.

For a customised quote or to discuss your specific requirements, email or use the contact form.

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