You can add lines as well as control the position, colour, length, style and thickness, by using the [line] shortcode. These are all the default parameters.

[line align="left" style="solid" thickness="1px" colour="#444" margin-top="2em" margin-bottom="2em" width="80px"]

Parameter options:

align = left, centre, center, right
style = solid, dashed, dotted, double, groove, ridge
thickness = any value in px, em, rem, vh and vw. Also thin, medium or thick
colour = any hex value or friendly name e.g. red, black, green etc
margin-top = the space above the line
margin-bottom = the space below the line
width = the width of the line

If you don’t specify one of the parameters then it’ll use the default ones as above.

Example 1


Example 2

[line align="centre" style="dotted" thickness="5px" colour="blue"]

Example 3

[line align="right" colour="#ff0ff0"]

Example 4

[line align="centre" style="dashed" thickness="3px" width="200px" ]

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