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On average I complete 2-3 websites every month. I work with both web and marketing agencies as well as directly with clients. See a small selection of my work below.

Websites: From the very simple 5 page websites with a small budget, through to the very large multisite installations catering for multiple languages.

Need an online shop, forum or simple to manage contact forms? Need to plot and display locations on an interactive map? No problems – this can all be done by using WordPress as the building blocks.

Printed: From small logos right up to large format banners and from multipage brochures to high-impact flyers, I work with each client in a personalised way.

Often I’ll just be supplied with a very wordy text document and asked to come up with a visually appealing way of breaking down the content into easily digestable pieces. Or a very rough graphic which needs to be incorporated into a logo.

For a customised quote or to discuss your specific requirements, email info@duncanarrow.com or use the contact form.

What I’m currently working on…

What I’m currently working on…

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A web marketing business

A very bold, striking website for a successful web marketing business read more

A TV production company

An independent TV production company based in New Zealand read more

Printed reports and banner

A 67 page technical report, call-to-action document and pop up banner read more

Paypal integration

A customised build to promote a watercolour artist and sell his paintings read more

An aesthetic specialist

A beautiful, modern full width site to promote an aesthetic specialist read more

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