A boxing gym

This client runs a high-end boxing gym in London, which caters for an upmarket clientele. Therefore the site had to be super slick and ooze luxury.

So I firstly designed a series of mockups to give an idea as to how the site would look and feel. Once approved, I used Fluidal as the starting to build the site. It’s running some customised Javascript to keep certain images full screen (regardless of window size), as well as some fancy navigation animation

For the crisp logo, I converted the logo to a font, so it could scaled up and down and coloured, just like normal text.

The end result is something that looks super cool and will be built upon further once more content is available.


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • Easy to update by using normal WordPress posts and pages
  • Customised Javascript for smooth animations and resized images on-the-fly
  • Logo converted to font for ultimate crispness and scalability


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