A cosmetic doctor

This client already had a website with a lot of content on it. And I mean LOTS.

Unfortunately it was proving far too difficult to navigate as new navigation and sections had inevitably been tacked on over the years.

So it was time for a rebuild using my Fluidal framework.

This firstly involved coming up with a brand new design, trying to work with the existing content as much as possible.

New sections were created including a mobile responsive treatment map and online shop. Also I split up a lot of the information into easier to read bite-sized chunks, thus making it easier for the visitor to read and navigate.

Since switching to the new site, the bounce-rate (the number of
single-page visits in which a person immediately leaves a website without browsing any further) has literally plummeted and visitor engagement has dramatically increased.


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • Bespoke treatment map
  • Redesigning the site to work with vast amounts of content
  • Adding and rewriting content to display in a more logical manner
  • Easy to update by using normal WordPress posts and pages


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