A cosmetic treatment clinic

I was asked to redesign this website as it had already undergone one redesign but the client still wasn’t happy. It lacked any flair or cohesion of design.

So building it from the ground up, but with a token nod to the previous design, I came up with this new look and feel.

This site actually required a simplification of content so that everything was easy to read, easy to find and yet still efficient and informative.

So with a complete redesign, as well as some nice hover-over effects, hand-built accordions and a treatment summary section which can be controlled from each of the treatment pages, we now have a much slicker, more professional looking website to reflect the nature of their business.


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • Integrated treatment summary guides
  • Sexy, stylish images
  • Cool images and accordion effects
  • Mobile-responsive

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