A digital archive website

This was a very unusual website to develop and be involved in.

This business provides digital archive services to other organisations – to preserve documents, images and other items for future generations.

The organisation already had a very sophisticated backend interface (not in WordPress) to enable their clients to upload, store and retrieve items digitally. But they wanted a new front end, hooked up to WordPress which their clients could use to set up their own sites to manage their own digital archives themselves.

So working closely with this third-party company, I used my Fluidal theme as the starting point to build the new theme. We then also unhooked and integrated many WordPress functions and templates to work with their bespoke archiving system. Now, the results are seamless!

As a result, some of their clients are wanting their own bespoke themes that also work with the archiving system. So I can now utilise WordPress child themes to build variants of this master theme specifically for different clients.

Because these digital archives are often behind a login, the screenshot below is representative of the look and feel, based on the development website.


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • Integration into a third party archiving system
  • Sophisticated searching and retrieval process
  • Mobile-responsive

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