A luxury chocolate website

Having been presented with some partial designs for a luxury chocolate business, I was tasked with building it as well as designing other pages on the fly.

During the development, the design and functionality kept on evolving so I ended up having to be build a lot of flexibility into the backend interface.

My preferred ecommerce solution is Woocommerce and what with the extensive catalogue of products and variations from this client, it was a good test for how flexible and powerful Woocommerce actually was.

A lot of templates had to be redesigned and additionally functionality added.

But it all worked out really well in the end 🙂


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • Extensive customisation of Woocommerce
  • Customised flexible backend
  • Over 100+ products and variations
  • Ajax product search
  • Easy to update by using normal WordPress posts and pages



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