A refreshed website

I’ve been going at this for so long now, that I’m starting to see clients return with sites that I originally did for them many years ago.

As times change, so do designs, trends, browser capabilities, budgets and client-expectations. These are all factors in determining how a website looks and feels.

The client had already updated their printed material and also wanted the website to have a little refresh – a new lick of paint as it were. Not anything too drastic (yet!).

So I took a staging copy of the website, and matched the current site with her new branding and logo.

It now looks almost like a new site, with minimal work.

Original post here: https://duncanarrow.com/portfolio/a-cosmetic-doctor/


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • A refresh of an old site
  • Previously added in ecommerce
  • Mobile-responsive

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