Children’s charity

This well known childrens Charity needed a redesign of one of their websites which allows end-users to pay for gifts and experiences for children and their carers.

As well as designing a custom theme to fit in with the design agency’s brief, an ecommerce plugin was sourced and integrated into the theme to allow for a variety of gifts and vouchers to be selected by the user.

It was important that payment wasn’t handled by this site. The client was already using a third-party to handle payments from all their other donations and activities and this had to be integrated into their existing systems. So a custom method was developed to handover order details to a secure website.


  • A customised theme to fit in with a pre-agreed design and layout
  • A customised ecommerce shop which upon checkout, was able to transfer order details to a separate website which was already handling their various other payments
  • Developing a gift voucher for the end-user to select instead


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