Defibrillator map search

With over 10,000 defibrillators publicly available in the UK at the moment, the whereabouts of only a fraction of these are known. This website aims to encourage organisations and members of the public which own such devices to register these on a searchable map for others to find.

So a simple form had to be developed to allow anyone to register a device and (once moderated), for that information to appear on a UK-wide map. Similarly a simple search was required to enable such devices to be located, either in an emergency or for future reference.

A low-cost mobile interface was also designed for users viewing on mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices.

Initially only for Warwickshire (UK) and the surrounding areas, the idea is to expand this website once more funding becomes available and interest is generated via the national press and emergency services.


  • The ability for users to submit their own AED locations
  • Automatically plotting these posts on a searchable map
  • Easy to update interface for managing other content on the website


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