European community energy site

A pan-European website promoting advice and support to communities on how they can become energy efficient and ultimately energy-neutral. with the website having to cover 7 European countries, it meant that all sites had to be multilingual as well as being simple enough for a wide-range of users to keep up-to-date.

Interactive roadmap

The client created a printed roadmap to show their users how to become energy-neutral. However, they wanted this available online, so a unique and interesting way had to be found to present this information. Eventually an online presentation tool was used called Prezi which allowed the presentation to be embedded into each site and added a certain level of interactivity and interest.

Knowledge Bank

There was also a direct need for end-users to be able to communicate with the various partner organisations to get advice and support on how to become energy neutral. So a custom knowledge bank was developed and rolled out to all the national sites. Now, the end-users can ask questions and the various experts can respond and share their experiences for everyone that visits the websites.

Google maps

It was important to visually represent where all of the communities and partners came from. So a live map was developed using the power of Google maps, a WordPress plugin and some custom code.


  • A WordPress Multisite install (a top-level website with national sites for each country, all working off the same domain)
  • Multi-language functionality
  • Allowing partners from across Europe to create and edit content on their own site as well as the top-level site
  • The use of various embedded presentation tools (Slideshare, Prezi, Youtube, Google Maps)
  • Allowing users to contact experts and ask them questions
  • Aggregating posts across multiple sites into various formats (clickable maps, news feeds etc)


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