Filemaker Pro development

Another string to my bow is database development. There’s something about developing in Filemaker Pro that is not only very satisfying for me as the developer, but also for the end-user experience.

Several highlights this year have included developing bespoke systems for a local travel agent and then for a major, national dental training school – who have both previously been working off spreadsheets.

When I approach these types of jobs, I really have to understand all of the business processes involved and the mindset of the clients. When designed right, a database can really complement and dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of an organisation.

So I have to spend quite a while asking difficult questions and thinking through all of the different permutations and options which the business processes throw up. With clients often coming from spreadsheets, these questions can often be met with “errr….”, “ummmm….” and “wow, that’s a good question!!”

Anyway, I must be doing something right as one of my clients recently said to me that their database had easily delivered everything that I’d promised – “it’s freed up 50% of both mine my business partners’ time”. Wait a minute, that’s a whole member of staff!

Genius 🙂


  • Relational Filemaker development
  • Generating reports, invoices and all business documents within the database
  • Centrally hosted in the cloud for access anywhere by registered users
  • Significant savings in staff time and efficiency

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