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From the original founders of Codemasters comes a new and exciting computer games company developing commercial computer games and apps.

Still a fledgling business but with growing ambitions and a huge wealth of experience behind them, the client already had a small website but was in need of something totally flexible that could continue to evolve as they began producing quality apps and games. The website also had to express the lifestyle of the company and employees, which is very important in the games industry.

It quickly became apparent that this project had to be split into several phases which would evolve as their company grew.

Also, to deal with the projected traffic the client required dedicated hosting as it was felt they would soon outgrow any standard web hosting package.

So working with a colleague, we set up and configured the hosting platform.

We then provided the client with a choice of premium themes which they chose from and used this as a starting point to build the website.

Additional features that we built included processing user-generated content from external sites (Facebook comments, Tweets etc), building in multi-page layouts to display lots of content in a sturctured manner, customised author content from their members of staff, presentation of multimedia content as well as changing the styling and branding to fit their own brand guidelines.

Now, their growing team of staff can all maintain various aspects of the website and create their own content which users can respond to.


  • Configuration of a dedicated server to cope with the projected volume of traffic
  • Heavily customised premium theme
  • A dynamic, flexible layout to evolve as the site grows
  • Integrating social media tools to aggregate comments from elsewhere (Facebook, Youtube etc) onto this site
  • The ability to display and show off relevant multimedia content – video, images, slides etc
  • Access for multiple members of staff and styling of author profiles

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