A health club

A very striking website designed for a dynamic health club. Having already got a website, they were after a rebrand.

Once again designed to be mobile responsive and this time with different subtle colour themes to represent the different brands used throughout the site.

Without getting too nerdy, the navigation on this site is really interesting. The little arrows in the dropdowns are all CSS-based (no image files were harmed in the making of this navigation). As well as speed, the benefit of this is that it’s perfectly responsive and no need to download graphics before the navigation works.

The real star of this site are the photographs which are simply stunning (unfortunately I can’t take credit for those!). They really help to show off the website and the health club to it’s maximum potential.


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • Dynamically driven colour theme controlled by the client on the backend
  • Quick and simple for visitors to visitors to navigate with huge scope for future content development


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