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Working in conjunction with a Birmingham (UK) web design company, myself and a colleague were approached to devise several customised Gravity Forms with a Barclays epdq ecommerce API.

The forms had to allow users to register and create posts based on which membership level they selected. At the end of the process, the forms should redirect the user to an online payment system. Additionally, different membership levels had to allow access to other job listing forms where appropriate.

At all times, the forms had to be user friendly with lots of tooltips next to fields, conditionally displaying/hiding fields based on other values as well as data validation before submission.

Needless to say this was technically quite challenging due to working with various other web developers who were developing on other areas of the same website in tandem.


  • Customised Gravity Forms
  • Form validation, tooltips and jQuery buttons
  • Integrated ecommerce solution using a third party API (Barclays epdq)

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