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A long-term business associate was in desperate need of a website overhaul – especially as recently his business has gone stratospheric, since diversifying into mobile apps. They’ve even appeared on Channel 4 News!

He knew who his competitors were and liked what they were doing, so his site needed to compete on that level. The trend being towards very wide, high-impact, full screen images and plenty of space. Less was definitely more!

So I set about wireframing some ideas and going through the key internal pages thinking about how we could display his different content in interesting ways.

Design-wise, this was quite a challenging site as although I used my Fluidal theme as the starting point, developing a site for full width requires specific tricks to make sure that it works from wide-screen, right down to mobile.

Anyway, the client is very pleased with the end result, so that’s all that matters.


  • A wide-screen, high impact website
  • Heavy use of cropped, close up images with backgrounds extended
  • Clever use of royalty-free icons
  • Interesting use of Google maps and conditional content


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