Perfect skin

The original design of this site was proving to be rather difficult for the client to update and maintain.

So I was approached to redesign the whole site to take advantage of new browser developments and to improve the user experience.

So using the latest version of my Fluidal WordPress theme, I came up with this design which uses big bold images, simplified messages and looks modern and clean.

This site also had to use a very comprehensive menu structure, due to the additional content which the client wanted accessible from the navigation. With most commercial mega menus creating a “spaghetti soup” of drop downs and fields in the backend, I decided to build my own purely within CSS and utilising all the core menu WordPress menu.

The accordions are also built into the theme and are controlled via simple shortcodes.

Now they have a very attractive site which is easy to manage and easy to navigate.


  • Updated to my latest version of the Fluidal WordPress theme
  • A big, bold, modern look
  • Custom-made, simple to use mega menu
  • Built-in, attractive accordions

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