Restorative dentistry

Often I find the biggest problem when developing a website is lack of content. This site was not one of them!

With an abundance of content and images, it was actually a case of taming and control it all – making the content not only easy to navigate from the front end, but also quick and simple to administer from the backend.

I employed numerous templates and loops to achieve this result, so that admin only had to create content and it would automatically appear in the correct locations.

I also developed a members-only area accessible via control panel – similar to others that I’ve done, but this time also required logged in users to take exams online. There were specific requirements for this including the user having to pay for the exam before they could take it. As well as randomised questions and only allowing the user to take the exam once.

All clever stuff and it’s proving to work well.


  • Members login and subscription with access to courses and exams
  • Simplifying and logically separating out a huge amount of data for professionals and patients
  • Responsive design
  • Controlling of content via the backend


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