Staff reward points

A recent commission to develop a proof-of-concept rewards website for a large FTSE 100 company. They already had a system in place but wanted to investigate an alternative, more cost-effective approach.

Their sales staff earn points once personal sales targets have been achieved and they wanted a simple way of staff being able to spend those points on goods.

So a customised ecommerce website was developed which enabled a designated administrator to regularly assign points earnt to each member of staff.

Sales staff could then log on to their own account, see their current points total and browse an online shop, redeeming their points for physical goods – electronic, white-goods, home and garden, experience days etc.

By utilising the power and flexibilty of WordPress alongside an ecommerce plugin and a point-scoring plugin the website began taking shape. Further customisation had to be done to ensure it was a private, members-only area, as well as improving the search feature and to create a custom payment method (points, rather than Sterling or Dollars!). The website also had to be branded accordingly.

The client can now manage their own content, by adding products to the online shop, manage the order process, create internal posts to logged on users and add promotional items into the sidebar.


  • Members-only private area
  • Customised ecommerce shop with user profile, checkout basket, customised purchase notifications
  • Custom currency (points, rather than Sterling or Dollars)
  • Easy-to-use backend interface to allow staff to manage points and orders

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