A theming creative agency

A client approached me with a series of very beautiful designs and asked if I could build their site to this design.

This was a challenge I couldn’t refuse 🙂

Not only did the front end require a lot of design work there was a lot of customisation required on the backend to make it easy for the client to maintain and update.

Also, with the complexity of the mockups, a lot of thought had to be given as to how it would reflow and display on smaller screen devices.

Whilst it really pushed my Fluidal theme, it once again showed what a good, strong reliable framework it actually is.


  • Responsive, fluid design using my Fluidal boilerplate WordPress theme
  • New templates created specifically for this project
  • Bespoke, customised backend interface to make it easy to control content on the front end
  • Easy to update by using normal WordPress posts and pages


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