Vector artwork

Related to the music festival, one of the sponsors had just had a new logo designed. However, as it had only been designed in Photoshop, it was not in an ideal format for printed and large scale work. The logo also couldn’t be easily placed onto coloured backgrounds or printed at small detail.

So, I spent some time converting the logo into eps vector format as well as simplifying some of the elements. At the clients request, I also improved and refined some of the text on the logo. Doing all of this has now made it much easier to create different versions – black and white, colour, and reversed out onto a red background.

They now have a shiny new, totally scalable logo which can be used as big or as small as they need it.

Do you need a logo designing, or have some ideas that you want working up into different concepts? Or maybe you already have a logo which just needs some further refinement. Why not get in touch me at info[at]duncanarrow[dot]com

Logo – before and after

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