A watercolour artist

This was an interesting site to work on!

I was approached by a very talented watercolour artist who’s site had got hacked. He initially asked me if I could simply clean it up – which I duly did.

However, it quickly became apparent that his site actually required a complete redesign as it was no longer working well for him and it was very difficult for him to maintain (which was partly why his site got hacked in the first place).

But with budget and time being tight, we opted for customising a third-party theme, which just happened to suit a portfolio-style site.

It inevitably required a lot of customisation as it wasn’t originally designed for presenting paintings. There were also some mobile responsive issues that I needed to correct. He is also exploring how best to sell his paintings and we’ll be revisiting that section shortly.

Anyway, he’s now got a very attractive website that showcases his amazing watercolour paintings.


  • A heavily customised third-party theme
  • Simple backend interface to show prices of each painting and whether they’ve been sold
  • Further work to develop a fully integrated ecommerce solution
  • Easy to update by using normal WordPress posts and pages


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