A youth art competition

Working with Beautiful World, myself and a colleague were asked to develop an online art competition, enabling young people to give their impression of the current economic climate and what it means to them, using original photos, videos and comic strips, .

The key factor here was to integrate the website into the tools and technology young people were already using elsewhere. So this meant developing ways of automatically finding and extracting content from other websites (such as Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr) and creating new competition entries accordingly.

The process we developed worked so well that the number of entries actually exceeded inital expectations.

This website was subsequently shortlisted for the Don’t Panic Somme Comms Awards in the Charity/Not-For_profit section.

The competition is now closed.


  • Customised premium theme
  • Automatically pulling in content from Youtube, Flickr and other websites
  • Allowing users to vote on each competition entry
  • The site was promoted entirely via social media
  • The number of entries exceeded expectations

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