Sex, Sun and Suspicious parents

Sex, Sun and Suspicious Parents has to be one of the cruelest TV programmes I have come across in a while. Its one of those rare times when its not unheard of to find me hiding behind a cushion, cringing at the situations unfolding.

So the premise is each week two teenagers go off on the obligatory “rite of passage” summer holiday with a group of mates, to some hedonistic location and do what everyone needs to experience at some point in their life. They generally have a debaucherous time and should be left alone to do it.

Unfortunately, little beknown to them, their parents are also staying close by, with the sole aim of spying on them every step of the way. Then at the end of the week is the big reveal with the obvious (and sometimes not so obvious) embarrassment, surprise and general learning of lessons all round.

Thankfully, everyone seems to generally come out of the experience a little older and a little wiser (on both sides), but I can’t help feeling as these series’ progress, they’re going to have more and more extreme characters (Jehovahs witness parents vs teenager for instance!) and in the end its going to get farcical like Wife Swap of a few years ago.

Check it out though as its certainly worth a chuckle: Sex, Sun and Suspicious Parents


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