Using WordPress domain names

In designing my new website, I was looking at domain names – the bit that you type into the address bar in a browser to get to a site. Now I know I should use my company name, but to be honest I’d prefer to use a domain name that accurately describes what I actually do. Good for SEO, good for me, good for the planet (OK, well maybe not for the planet, but you get my drift).

Way back when, I originally registered the domain which I thought was really cool. It says what I do, snappy etc. And I used it as a development domain for some password-protected websites I was working on at the time.

So upon starting to develop my own site with that name in mind, it occurred to my very well informed friend he remembered reading that WordPress takes a dim view of people using the word ‘wordpress’ in a domain name. They think it confuses people.

Damn! I’d already done a logo and everything – although admittedly it had more than a passing resemblance to the well-known WordPress W in a circle. But none-the-less…

And when they mention the word Lawyers I tend to always err on the side of caution. But really….would using the word wordpress in a domain actually be a legal challenge?!?!?

So in the end, for want of a better domain name I had to switch to my company name as well as which should also redirect correctly.

But just a heads up to others who may stumble across this. I only found out by accident and wouldn’t want others to fall foul of the law.

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